Wk 7: Cradle of the Moon

This week started out with no listed theme, though the theme ‘family’ wa later selected. That did not inspire me though, so I went off in my own direction (as I often do) and created a pendant inspired by Lisa Claxton. Even though it was inspired by Mrs. Claxton, I gave it my own twist and created something different. I call this piece ‘cradle of the moon’ because the coin pearl looks much like a moon to me and the wire weave just sort of cradles it… I really enjoyed making it, and while it looks terribly compicated I was impressed with how quickly it came together. I will do more like this one without a doubt…
I have yet to oxidize this piece, which I fully intend to do as I feel it will add depth and character. I think I will use the boiled egg method to oxidize to ensure that the pearls will not be damaged. I am afraid if I dip it in a LOS solution that it will do more harm than good, but the sulfer gas from the egg will be much kinder to the overall piece.


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