FSOJ wk 9: Pheonix

I am behind a bit on the year of jewelry project… missed week eight. This pendant is my week 9 entry. It is a comissioned piece for a man in Alberta, Canada who cuts his own stones. He displays in museams and asked me to wrap some of his stones for him to use in his displays. The stones are truly inspirational, so they are a lot of fun to wrap. This is a fine specimen of ammolite… all a very intense electric fiery red! I felt that it was soooo red, that I needed to break it up a bit, so I added three mexican fire opal accents to it, which I think work well with it. I love the way it turned out… very proud of this piece. And knowing that it will be on display in a museam in another country is just icing on the cake. 🙂 :::flips hair::: lol. The gentleman and I now have an arrangement whereby he will provide stones for me to wrap, and I will barter my wraps for some of his amazing specimens to call my own. Since I am totally in LOVE with ammolite, this is a perfect arrangement for me… these stones aren’t cheap, so it’s a very beneficial relationship. He now has someone to wrap his pretties, and I don’t have to go broke to get my ammolite fix. 😀


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