FSOJ wk_14: December’s Secret

Onyx, opalite and sapphires…

I am trying to work with the newest techniques I’ve learned while seeking a way to color the designs with my personal style… The coolest thing I took away from Eni’s tut was what I learned about creating an armature and building upon that. While this pendant is a bit more organized than my other recent free form pieces, it still maintains that organic feel… I included some very challenging *tiny* herringbone wraps around the 4mm opalites and the 3mm sapphire beads in this piece, exercising some inspiration I gained while working on my ‘Seer’s Stone’ pendant in the original Year of Jewelry project from 2004-2006.
I have found that it can be very tricky to attempt a symetrical design with this technique because every milimeter counts. Even though in this piece I attempted a more symetrical design, I think the organic charm is still prevalent. I am already three days late for this weeks submission to the FSOJ project, but I made it before the year ran out. 🙂 And so here it is… More pics, including side views, to come.


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