Ancient Ammolite: wk 15 FSOJ

I’ve been waiting patiently (sort of) for my last order of gold wire to come in. It’s been on back order for over two weeks. I have other larger ammolites I need to wrap for my friend Doug… and I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. Doug must be getting as impatient as I am. :::sigh::: but I had this other tiny ammolite in my case, and since I’m soooo itching to wrap some ammolite, I decided to dig through my scrap wire to see if I could manage enough to wrap a piece. I found enough to wrap this smaller piece, so I got a little fix. šŸ˜€ NEVER throw your wire clippings away. They do come in handy in times of despiration. lol This piece has hessonite garnet accents that bring out the ‘earthy’ quality in the flashy colors. Here’s hoping my gold wire comes in soon :::crosses fingers:::


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