FSOJ wk 16: Cavern of Mysteries

More Ammolite this week. I am using what time I have to catch up to some custom work for my friend Doug. I am having bad wire karma these days… my gold wire finally came in, but it was round – not the square I ordered. Ughhh… I am assured I will have the *right* wire here by Friday. :::crosses fingers::: Meanwhile, I bummed some gold wire off of my friend, Jenz, to wrap another ammolite. Doug sent me a lot of faceted stones to set in some of the pieces after he saw what I did with the Electric Phoenix piece. I was digging through his little treasure trove trying to match a fit to some snap tites I had… hoping to get one to fit a peridot. Alas, all I could match a fit to was this amethyst marquis. When I put them together, I was not at all sure I liked the color combination… I mean, I love green and purple together, I think they are dynamic colors. And I even like fiery oranges together with purple.. but I just wasn’t sure about all of them together. But I have to say the more I look at it, the more I adore the unexpectedness of it. I love working with these stones… they totally inspire me.


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