Creativity born from Necessity

Creativity by Necessity: Toggle Clasps
I wanted to do some stringing (bracelets, necklaces, etc) and when I sat down to get started, I realized I had virtually no clasps to work with. I sat there pouting, thumbing around in my goodies hoping to be inspired to do something else … suddenly, as I fondled a bag of scrap silver wire and abandoned projects, inspiration struck. Silly me, I could make my own toggles! And use nothing but scrap wire to do it. And so I set to work…. a series of small works incorporating these hand made toggles followed, as you will see.


4 thoughts on “Creativity born from Necessity

  1. I’m in love with your toggles! I just learned how to wire wrap and starting to get the hang of it. You should put together a how-to for making your own toggles.. I’d definitely love to learn!

  2. Hi Maria 🙂
    Thank you for the compliment. And I do plan to put together a tutorial for sale on my website soon. It will probably run about $5, I will be sure to contact you when it’s available. 🙂 They do add a very tailored look to whatever you add them too. I just love that you can incorporate matching beads into them – it makes the final product much richer to me because it’s apparent that the WHOLE thing was handmade and that alone adds more value to the piece, IMHO. And did I mention the toggles are FUN to make. 🙂 LOL Thanks again! I will let you know when the tut is out. 😀


  3. As you’re using silver, I can’t use the term “from trash to treasure”, but what a great job. Elegant and funky and original. It also beats spending four hours on the internet trying to locate secret underground toggle artisans.

  4. LOL… cool! I get to be a secret underground toggle artisan. I think I like that. :::giggles::: Thank you for the comment Wheresandals. 🙂

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