Catching up

Now that I’ve replaced the digital camera that was stolen, I am able to update my website and add pics of all the work I’ve been doing. I began the process this morning, though I still have much to do to fully catch up to myself. I like my new digital camera MUCH! These shots are so clear and beautiful. My last camera was only a 4.0 megapixel, and I thought IT took good pics. My new one, which cost even less than my last one (love the way technology advances and prices relax) is a 7.1 megapixel. The difference is clear.
This piece was draped over this wonderful lava rock that my MIL gave me. I love the way it turned out … it gives the pic the feeling of being on the rocky california coast. This will come in handy for photographing my bridal line as it develops. Thanks Mimi! 🙂
This is a simple herringbone necklace in amethyst and sterling. Delicate and detailed.
This necklace is for sale on my website:

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