The Pink Lady

I’ve been experimenting with some new techniques and had a project which I had started and set aside. It seemed a bit overwhelming and like it was going to take me days to progress with it ,so I took a break from it. I picked it back up yesterday and stared at it for a a little while and all of the sudden I was posessed to finish it – today! I finally realized that it was just such an organic technique that the only way I could win was to surrender to it. I had to just let go of all preconceived notions about what the piece should look like and stop tyring to make it happen. I just let the wire go where it wanted to and this was the result.

It’s BIG. It’s what I call a four fingers pendant. It lays across all four fingers when it’s in your hand. That being said, though I personally prefer jewelry that is less… well, shall we say ‘bold’ I really like this piece. I learned a LOT from making this pendant. It was a fun project once I got over being intimidated by it and just let it happen. Thanks for looking. All feedback is welcomed.


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