I was admiring my new work recently when all of the sudden I decided to marry them together. I made a dangle to match the earrings and attached it to the face in the woven bezel. I like the look of them together and will make more like this in the future. There are changes I will make so that it is a little more planned out and my dangle doesn’t begin so far under the face. I’d like it to be a little more snug with the bezel.

I also rather liked the look of the earrings hanging on either side of the pendant as shown above on the hand knitted chain. I thought it might be nice to make a full necklace with the three dangles … not fully convinced that that’s where I want to go with it just yet, however. I had my mind set to make a mosaic neck piece to attach this pendant to, but I think that all three; pendant, dangles on either side and a mosaic neck piece might be a little too much. I will give this more thought before I decide.


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