Year of Jewlery Begins

Finally I am on board again with the Year of Jewelry Project. I have sooo missed being a part of this project. I can look back and see how I’ve grown over the years that I was a participant thanks to the personal challenge and the feedback, inspiaration and motivation that I recieved from it.

While my initial entry is nothing to die for, and not *exactly* on theme as it were, it is something I’ve been planning to make for years now and just recently decided to commit to. My dear friend, Karen, is the owner of Beach Bride Weddings. She performs destination weddings on the beach in the gulf coast area from Pensacola to Destin, Florida along our emerald shores. She recently gave me a solid push to make some barefoot sandals, also known as scandals as they are very popular with her brides. Above are the first two I’ve created at her behest.
My favorite is the neutral toned one made with moonstone and Light Colorado Topaz swarovski crystals. It sparkels so beautifully! Of course, I couldn’t capture that in the photo. 😦 The blue one is made with turquoise and swarovskis.
Check out my website if you’re interested in these beauties. You can also contact me for custom request for your destination wedding.

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