Year of Jewelry_wk 18: Mini Luna

This week I am following my bliss rather than the theme. This is unfortunate because I think this was my favorite theme of all so far in terms of concept, but I just couldn’t make myself conform. I’m too excited about this basket weave bezel technique and working to refine the process. To that end, I created a miniature Basketweave Bezel pendant – knowing that the smaller it was, the more difficult it would be. It was a bit of a personal challenge … could I pull it off? The answer was a resounding yes.

The dangle is a faceted opalite marquis with a london blue apatite accent. I still feel compelled to remove this dangle and replace it with a minature scaled mosiac like on the Blue Beauty pendant. I am giving it serious thought …

Overall I am pleased with the result. The main part of the pendant is somewhere between the size of a dime and a quarter. It’s smaller without looking bulkier or sloppy. The tutorial for this will be done soon.


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