Seahorse Inspired by Magda

Inspired by the work of the talented Magdalena I am emulating one of her pieces (Seashore Lullabye)with her permission. She made a seahorse and posted it to a forum we are both members of – It set my mind on fire with multiple ideas that were just screaming to come to fruition. Magdalena, being the generous soul that she is, happlily agreed to allow me to emulate her seahorse design. Though I readily and easily admit that hers is far lovelier than mine, I am still thrilled with my results thus far. This is only stage one. Presently what you see represents a single element of work in progress. I have so many ideas on where to take this that I haven’t yet settled on one direction just yet, mind mind is still spinning with the possibilities. Should I make a simple necklace, a cuff bracelet with multiple seahorses, an elaborate ornate mosaic-like neck piece? The possibilities are endless. Thank you for the inspiration, Magdalena! I can’t wait to see where this takes me …


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