Horse Jewelry: Other Ideas for custom work – Mosaic Pendant?

Upon further brainstorming, I am considering using the same type of technique I used to create the seahorse recently (just a couple of posts before this one) to possibly create a pendant of a profile of an arabian horse, set in a mosaic frame for the June 2nd show for Azalea Arabians instead. They are pretty much allowing me full creative freedom to make whatever I want. I am actually thinking of making both if time (and material stock) allow. I can just give them a great deal on it and make a little less than I might otherwise make, but I will be getting my name and my art out to hundreds if not thousands of horse enthusiast which will possibly draw me a few custom orders. I really love the idea of this pendant… now, if only I can create one as beautiful as what I’m visualizing I can dazzel the masses. 🙂


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