Horse Jewlery: Azalea Arabians & Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

I have been comissioned by Azalea Arabians to create a piece of jewelry for an upcomming show. The owners of Azalea Arabains will be donating this piece to the auction taking place at the show. I have some great ideas. Two to be exact. I want whatever I make to have PUNCH! I am thinking about making an egyptian coil braclet (provided I have enough wire on hand – it’s coming up fast, perhaps too fast to wait on an order to get started). Since Azalea Arabians obviously specializes in the Arabian breed, a piece created with a genuine ancient egyptian technique seems appropriate – and romantic. For those who are unfamiliar with the ancient egyptian coil design, see a picture here. Upon the discovery of an ancient egyptain tomb this design was discovered in the form of a necklace upon one of the royal mummies. I need to order some serious lengths of copper wire as I would also like to create a jewelled egyptian coil halter eventually… but that’s a project for another day. Keep your eyes peeled. I will surely put a picture up of the finalized bracelet.


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