Egyptian Coil Bracelet inspires NEW TUTORIAL

I was recently commissioned by Azalea Arabians, breeders of fine Egyptian Arabian horses, to create a couple of pieces for them to donate to the Art Auction at the upcoming ‘Egyptian Event’ horse show. I decided to make one of these pieces from an authentic ancient Egyptian technique. I created this lovely Egyptian Coil Bracelet with Turquoise and copper wire. It was lightly oxidized to give it an antiqued character. It’s absolutely lovely on! Of course I modernized it a bit with some romantic turquoise. So many horse enthusiast love turquoise, it seemed a natural combination in this case.

I decided that since this was an easy enough project I would go ahead and take the pictures necessary to create a tutorial. I see people asking for a tut for this ancient technique all the time, but I’ve never seen a through tutorial offered anywhere for it. If you’re looking to learn this ancient technique – Look no further my peeps! The tutorial will be underway soon!


One thought on “Egyptian Coil Bracelet inspires NEW TUTORIAL

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