Changes to the horse pendant

Forgive the horrible pic … it does not do the pendant any justice. Suffice it to say that while initially I was very disappointed with the way this pendant was turning out, I am now madly in love with it. This is a clue as to how much lovlier the pendant is … though the photo does not really show this. It really breaks my heart that I will not have a good pic of this pendant … I finished it up at about 1:30 a.m. lastnight and then rushed out to hand deliver it in the wee hours as Wendy and Tonya were leaving at the crack of dawn for the Egyptian Event horse show.

Changes made:
I bent the ear forward to make it look less like a horn. Not a big difference but a slight improvement. Secondly the mane – this made all the difference. Thanks to all of my collegues for critiquing my work and offering suggestions on how to improve upon it and most especially to my friend Cammy for the coiled mane suggestion.

I will be making another one of these soon. This time I will have a clear idea of what I need to improve upon BEFORE starting, which will ensure that I have a far lovlier piece in the end. I WILL get a good pic of that one before I let it go! Rest assured. 😉


2 thoughts on “Changes to the horse pendant

  1. Thank you. Props go out to my friend Cammy for the suggestion of the coiled mane. I think it was the perfect finishing touch. 🙂

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