Something New … Golden Swirls

Here’s the pendant I’ve been working on for the last few days … on and off, of course. It’s something I’ve had in my head for some time now. I’ve been browsing the site drooling at all the wonderful wire work there and many of the artists there use similar coiled swirls such as these to some degree or another in their work. So I guess that I have several sources of inspiration for this piece … especially the numerous artists specializing in these coiled loops from I browse that site all the time for inspiration but there’s so many different artists there that I can’t site just one as the source. Finally, mhead (sorry I don’t know his/her real name) whose site I stumbled upon recently. She made a pendant using a similar technique which motivated me to ‘get on the stick’ as it were.

So here’s the results of my experimentation:

Back shot:
Showing the woven bail.

Side view:
Even though the pendant has the appearance of being so ‘substantial’ you can see from the side that it is not bulky at all.

It’s really a beautiful pendant! I am pleased with the results of my experimentation over all. There will be more of these… little ones, big ones, and in-between ones. Guaranteed!


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