Mirror Mirror on the Wall …

Who’s the fairest of them all? This pendant makes me think of the magic mirror in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty – thanks to Christine from the Art Jewelry forum. She pointed out that it seems reminiscent of the Magic Mirror – and as soon as she said I could see it without a doubt. The shape, the scrolls … it’s totally there!

This is a simple tumbled Amethyst transformed into somthing beautiful. I wanted to take a more symetrical approach and make another pendant like the Golden Swirls pendant in a mirror image – so that the right side matched the left side. The Golden Swirls pendant with the botswana agate stone demanded something more organic to match the freeform shape of it. I chose this tumbled amethyst specifically because of it’s shape.

It was a bit of a pain trying to manipulate the coils just so. Of course they aren’t EXACTLY the same on both sides, but that only shows that the piece is handcrafted by a real person, so I’m okay with that. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall …

  1. Magical… even better when I enlarged the pic, I noticed the top peridot bead has a lovely herringbone wrap too! Gorgeous detailing.

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