Flowering Pagoda Pendant: Experiment

After toying with the netting setting last week I decided to try something a little different with the netting. Rather than using a solid form to build the net on, I tried some open netting. Now this little piece is my only experiment thus far with this, so the flaws are apparent – at least to me. At one point I almost threw this in the scrap pile … okay, I actually DID throw it in the scrap pile, lol, but I later fished it out and decided to play around with it. I still expected to throw it back into the scrap pile when it was done. But after making a few adjustments to it I decided that I rather liked it. I think it shows promise. I would like to get a length of translucent lilac ribbon to hang it on at some point. Even though it’s a little ragged, I think it still makes for an attractive pendant. Certainly I could improve upon it, and I will eventually.


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