New Tutorial: Needle Lace Caged Pendant

I have enjoyed this technique so much I’ve decided to share it. It’s been very inspirational and if you’re ready to try something different I am sure you will have as much fun with this technique as I have!

This tutorial is 11 pages with a total of 39 high quality pictures to guide you through every step. I’ve taught this lesson to a beginner to wire work with very good results! Based on this experience I would say that it can definitely be done by a beginner though I rate it as an intermediate project.

Check it out on my website:


2 thoughts on “New Tutorial: Needle Lace Caged Pendant

  1. Hi !

    I love Your beautiful works !

    I’m planning to start to do needle lace in the end of this year. I will use different threads and do works of textile materials perhaps some metallic thread later.
    At the present I’m busy with Cross stitching.

    I’m trying to add Your link to my blog.

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