Obsessing over wire lace work.

Since my focus seems to be inexplicably bound to needle lace work these days I decided to start working on some variations. This stitch is called the button hole stitch. It’s made by creating a double eye on either side of each loop. The double eyes look like tiny pretzels. 🙂

This was not the best stone to show it off with, however. I would have preferred a solid dark colored background to show the wire work best. It just doesn’t pop for me against the mottled background on the ocean jasper. That aside, I do love the shape of this stone for this piece as it adds more visual interest. I am going to add it to chain, but I’m all out of gold presently so I’ll have to place an order. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this piece.

This piece is my week two entry of the 2008 Year of Jewelry Project.


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