Cloud Nine or my second go at a rainbow wrap

This is my second experiment in the rainbow wrappers style. Early on I thought this was going to be a disaster and was nearly ready to throw it into the scrap pile, but I pressed on in hopes of salvaging the silver. Boy am I ever glad I didn’t give up on it! I went a little crazy with the spirals which managed to hide a lot of the weaving work I did, but I rather like the look of it.

Black tourmaline and zincite crystals add color to the silver shell. I love the color of the zincite. One tiny tourmaline bead is wrapped in a herringbone and stitched to the upper left portion of the wrap … I’m considering adding more but I’m not sure at this point. The piece is at least 99% finished, but I’m debating on a few small changes.

At any rate I am very pleased that I am finding a fair measure of success in sorting out this rainbow wrap mystery. 🙂 Again, thanks go out ot Felix, a.k.a. Andrew, of for his help in unlocking the mystery.


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