Nothing Like Success to Ignite the Fires of Inspiration

     There’s nothing like a successful show to ignite the fires of inspiration and creation.  I recently exhibited at the Outside Art Fair put on by the Northwest Florida Arts Council and had the best sales of the past two years worth of shows.  I was very surprised (quite happily) considering the shape of the economy right now.  With gas almost $4 a gallon I expected another mediocre show, but was pleasantly surprised.  It really makes me thankful for the people out there who continue to support the arts in every form through this difficult time.  I was beginning to think that the American Artist would soon be on the endangered species list at the rate things were going.  Sales have been down over the past two years … considerably.  Thank you NWFL Arts Council, and thank you Pensacolians for making this a great show!

     I parted with one of my all time favorite pieces at this show.  My beautiful Rainbow Sky necklace has found a new home.  I was both sad and delighted to see her go … I will miss her!  Yes, I know … it’s nutty but some of my pieces are very special to me and I feel that I have a relationship of some sort with them.  The Rainbow Sky was certainly one of those pieces.  She began with an exceptional piece of beautiful blue Amazonite, netted in gold wire with a literal rainbow of Tundra Sapphires framing her.  A single blue topaz briolette dangled beneath.  The chain was embellished with more Tundra Sapphires to draw the sparkle up and around the neck.

     Thanks go out to Maggie for her support.  I hope that she will love and cherish this piece for many years to come.

     Now that the show has passed and my inventory is MUCH lower, I find my mind spinning with all the project ideas I’ve scribbled into sketch pads and new ideas as well.  I cannot wait to find the time to begin bringing some of these ideas to fruition.  I’ve got a lot of work to do before I can even consider doing another show.  On that note, stay tuned to the Eye Candy Category here to see the newest works as they emerge from the depths of my imagination.


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