Potion Bottle Pendant: week 21

My latest piece is a whimsical piece – I call it Poseidon’s Potion!  A small potion bottle pendant created with a beautiful faceted prasolite (Green Amethyst) for the body of the bottle, a jeweled stopper of green garnet and a single pale green Tundra sapphire accent on front of the bottle.  The prasolite is netted in hair thin sterling silver wire with little windows in the netting to offer glimpses of the beautiful stone trapped within and let the light shine through.

This was a really fun project.  I actually considered making it an even more unique piece by making it a ring rather than a pendant just for fun, but I restrained myself.  I knew it would have it much longer if I converted it into a whimsical ring than if I just left it as a pendant.  It’s more marketable as a pendant, but it sure would have made a one of a kind ring for some wonderfully eccentric person. 🙂  I decided not to do it though as it’s borderline too big for a ring.  Perhaps I’ll make another smaller version of the potion bottle and make the ring just to satisfy the silly little girl in me. 🙂


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