Favorite Jewels: Part One

Since I am new to wordpress and will no doubt have the opportunity to be exposed to others who are not familiar with my work I thought it would be a good idea to share with my new audience (few though you may be, at this point) a few of my favorite works.

I think my all time favorite piece would have to be my Tale of a Seahorse necklace.  This was my first large scale mosaic project.  He is created with all cold connections.  There is absolutely no solder work.  I created the frame then filled it in with various sizes of sterling silver beads, pearls and faceted blue apatite.  A solitary blue apatite rondell is wrapped in a delicate herringbone for the eye and two pale green aventurine briolettes create the fin.  The chain was hand coiled wavered sections, meant to represent waves in the ocean, with splashes of bright blue apatites in between.  My little friend now lives in New Zealand, quite happily I imagine.


Netted Turquoise Ring

     Another one of my favorite pieces is this lovely netted Turquoise Ring.  I used the Needle Lacetechnique here on a much smaller scale than I had done previously.  I used a very fine gauge of wire for the netting and placed one single Swarovski accent on the front of the stone.  This has been a very popular ring and I currently have several on back order.  I am going to do some variations with this ring design, so if you like it, keep an eye out on the blog/website.  If you’d like one in your size you can drop me an email at Cutom@DeliaStone.com for more information.

Next I want to share my  netted bezel ammolite pendant with you.  I loved this one so much that it remains in my private collection to this date.  Oddly enough, as much as I love this piece I have never named it.  It’s just too fabulous for words.  The ammolite is so wonderfully enchanting and this one exhibits some of my favorite colors … golds, greens and rusty red-oranges flash and play across the surface.  It’s captured in a netted bezel of hair thin 14k gf wire with a tiny emerald green Tundra sapphire accent on the woven bail.  The clasp for this necklace is one of my signature Wire Wrapped Toggles.  

     Okay, that’s enough for part one of Delia’s long list of favorites.  I’ll be sure to post more of my all time favotrites later for  your viewing pleasure. 🙂


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