Year of Jewelry: Custom for Nina

For Nina     I’ve been trying to get back on the bus, so to speak, where the YOJ is concerned.  I’m having a bit of a time trying to carve out creative time for myself lately considering that the beautiful weather keeps winning us over with it’s irresitable allure.  It’s hard to stay inside in all this sunshine – especially with three people tugging you towards the door. 🙂  That said, I’m using a recent custom order for my entry this week.

     At the Outside Art Fair last earlier this month, I recieved a custom order for a netted pendant made with some stunning firey orange dichro glass.  Nina wanted it netted in gold wire, set sideways, with Indian red Swarovski crystal accents on the chain.  Overall I think it turned out nicely, I certainly hope that Nina feels the same way. 🙂  I’ve taken several shots of the new necklace in different lighting.  I realize the first picture is rather shaded and probably not the best picture to show it off, however, I loved the ‘fire in the shade’ look so I kept it.  Oddly, it’s my favorite pic out of all of them. 

     This is a nice detail shot in good lighting.  I just adore the color of this Dichroic cab.  The rusty reds make my heart go pitter-pat! 




     This shot is a full view, so to speak, to show what the necklace looks like hanging on the neck.  It has a very asymetic look to me, so much so that I really wanted to speckle the chain with swarovski crystals in a random pattern.  I held off, however, because that was not part of the order.  That’s the thing I don’t like so much about custom orders.  My inner-kid just wants to take off with the project and often wishes to deviate from the intended design.  But I restain myself :::teeth-clenching grin::: and stick to the specifications of the client.  “Next time …” I tell myself.

     Thanks for looking!



One thought on “Year of Jewelry: Custom for Nina

  1. I love those colors…and I agree with you, I would have wanted the beads on the chain spaced out a bit, but “the customer is always right” as they say!


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