YOJ Project: More Sculpted Coils

     My latest entry to the YOJ project – another sculpted coil pendant.  I’m gearing up for some new tutorial releases and this is one of the tuts on the schedule.  I wanted to brush up on my technique for this style of pendant since it’s literally been months since I’ve made one.  The main stone is a lovely piece of Morrisonite Jasper with various shades of deep burgundy, golden yellow and olive toned greenish browns.  The picture to the left here shows off th main stone quite well, while the picture below shows off the wonderful colors of the various Tundra Sapphires (burgundy, pale champagne pink, Khaki greens and golden yellow) worked into the frame.  They add beautiful sparkle to the pendant! 

     This time around I was going for the symmetrical look.  It’s very difficult trying to shape something that’s so organic into a mirror image, but with patience it can be done – at least to a reasonable degree.  Of course, being handmade nothing is machine perfect, but that’s part of the charm of handmade jewelry, isn’t it?

     And of course, if you know me,  you’re wondering if I intend to oxidize the pendant.  My answer?  But of course I do! :::wicked laughter fills the hall:::  I will post an updated picture post LOS and some laborious hand polishing.

     Check back for a new pic of the freshly antiqued pendant soon.  Meanwhile … someone help me come up with a name for this baby, would ya?


2 thoughts on “YOJ Project: More Sculpted Coils

  1. Thank for the suggestion, Chong. 😀 I do like Anastasia. I also think I understand the ‘Russian Princess’ vibe you’re getting off of it.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! 😀

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