Favorite Jewels Part Two

This is part two of My Favorite Jewels, in which I am sharing a few of my favorite peices over the years.

One of my recent favorites is this lovely blossom necklace.  I created the pendant using a variation of the herringbone technique from Metallique’s tutorial.  The results are stunning!  Very lovely.  I was not pleased initially with my little nest of beads at the blossom’s center but was inspired  to introduce the coils to balance it out.  The inspiration to use the coils came from my friend Shay’s winning entry into the MetalChasers  March ‘Primavera Contest.  The pendant is strung up with faceted peridot ovals and fresh water pearls, making for a really lovely necklace.  I call this piece ‘Tribute to Spring’ because it embodies everything beautiful about spring to me. 

Another one of my favorite pieces is this lovely picture window pendant which I call ‘Blueberry Vines’ because of the beautiful blues and the vining effect.  This pendant suprised me!  I sat down to make something completely different and this emerged instead.  It was as if my hands had mind of their own.  Try as I might to focus on the project that I originally intended, my hands ignored me and went to to create this stunning necklace.  I love it!  It it had not sold as quickly as it did, I might have assimlated it into my private collection.  The sterling frame and vines show off the beautiful blue topaz and bright blue apatite stones so well.  I made a mini version of this too, which also sold right away.  I will certainly be making more of these lovely necklaces considering how popular they seem to be.

This next pendant is probably one of my favorites simply because it is the first project that I have had published.  It will be in Step by Step Wire Magazine in the Summer 2008 issue.  Please note – not the Summer Preview issue!  The regular Summer 2008 issue.  Look for it in stores by August 5th, or your mail box sometime in July if you’re a subscriber.  This is the basics of my needlelace obsession.  Wire lace work is incredibly addictive!  I have done flat work, caged or circular worked pendants and netted bezel pendants with this technique.  Keep an eye out for the Summer Issue.

Well, I suppose that’s enough sharing for part two of My Favorite Jewels.  I’m working on some other projects that I am behind on right now, so hopefully I will have some new jewels to show off to you soon.

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