Preparing for Green Corn on the Rez

Green Corn is coming up this weekend and me and the family have been busy preparing.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Creek or Cherokee traditions of Green Corn, you may find the following article of interest: Green Corn Ceremony.  This is a wikipedia article on the Creek New Year festival.  Don’t let the blood letting scare you, it’s really just scratches. 🙂

     We are very excited about this year, because it is the first year that we have our own camp house.  Well, they’re more like shanties than houses really, but to own one is an honor.   We have been under the camp of one of the head Ladies up until this year.  But now we own our own little piece of the grounds and we will be receiving our own fire to nurture this year for our family camp.   We have family coming in from Tennessee and possibly New York to join us, so it should be a very full weekend.  

     Some of you will notice my absence for the next several days.  I will probably not be back on the computer until Monday because we’ll be up all night Saturday night and will not be able to sleep until noon on Sunday.  For more information, check out the link to the wikipedia article above.

     I’m off to pack.  I won’t be heading out until tomorrow due to work constraints, but I have MUCH to do to get me and the kids ready to go.  I plan to add some pictures to the blog when I return.  My adorable little girl will be wearing her first ribbon dress this year and my boy has his first ribbon shirt.  I can’t wait to show them off! 🙂


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