Tutorial Updates and New Tut

     Okay, so this ISN’T the rainbow wrap tutorial yet … but it’s in the works!   I have started taking pictures in preparation, but I am not going to rush the Rainbow Wrap tutorial as I want the final product to be the best that it can.  The Rainbow technique is so involved that it will take some time to do a tutorial properly. 
     Meanwhile, I had a real need to get some sense of satisfaction today so I completed this short little tut and at last feel that I’ve accomplished something!  When I started the rainbow wrap tut, I realized I would be in for the long haul with this one and that it will be a week – maybe two – before I can complete it.  But something inside of me just needed to complete a tut today, even if it was just a little one. 😀  So here it is … my little tut.

     This tut teaches the basic technique and talks about some variations on the technique and how it can be used to create more than just rings.  It’s a very straight forward and easy to follow tutorial suitable for a beginner.  It has 19 full color photographs to take you through every step of creating a  twist ring.  I am also working on a supplemental to this tut to show you how to create earrings and accents for your other pieces with this simple technique.  So stay tuned! 🙂

     I sell these rings at shows for about $15.  They make really great bread and butter items.  I make them in sterling, copper and in mixed metals.  The mixed metal rings are by far the most popular at shows.  And yes, the copper ones DO sell!  People often ask me if anyone buys the copper rings.  I sell them all day long as a matter of fact.  You can too – if you learn to make them.   With a little practice you can make these rings in 5 to 10 minutes tops.  With so little labor and so little material invested, they’re great little money makers with a nice profit margin that everyone can afford – even in this economy!

     Check out my website for more information on my tutorials: Delia Stone’s Studio


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