Rainbow Wrap Tutorial Update

Rainbow Wrap Tutorial

Rainbow Wrap Tutorial

Time for a progress report on the Rainbow Wrap tutorial!  I am over half way done with taking pictures at this point.  Can you believe that I’ve already taken 183 pictures for this tutorial and I’m still not done.  Don’t panic …  the tutorial isn’t going to have 183 or more pictures.  It’s not THAT complicated. 🙂  I just take multiple pictures of multiple views of each step so that I can select the best one that best illustrates the step.  It’s really a lot of work to produce a tutorial.  So far, several days of my time have gone into taking photographs and I still have nearly as many to take.  After the pictures have been taken, then I have to crop and edit the pics.  Then and only then can I begin to work on the text for the tut.   After the text is completed, then there’s editing, re-editing and more editing to be done. 
     To give you an idea of where I’m at in the process, I am including an ‘ugly shot’ of the pendant in progress.  At this point, it gets complicated for me.  The technique is so organic that it’s nearly impossible to plan out in advance.  Much of it is trying decide what to do in the moment while attempting to predict where you might go with it in the next step – and the rest of it is rethinking and replanning the next step when you get there anyway!  Arrrgghh!  It’s also difficult for me because I have to maintain a course that others can follow.  For this reason I am attempting to keep the pendant simple … as simple as a rainbow wrap can be, at least.  There’s more than enough to get you started and to provide a jumping off point for your own experimentation.
     While all tutorials take a fair amount of time to produce, this tutorial in particular is a very time consuming project, but I am loving every minute of it.   The hardest part for me is slowing down to take the pictures! 🙂  I am shooting for completing it by July 20th or 21st – hopefully!  Whether or not that is feasible remains to be seen.  I am working on it!


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Wrap Tutorial Update

  1. Wow! I don’t think I’ll ever be *that* good to accomplish the rainbow wrap! I love your tutorials though, so good luck getting this one done!


  2. I’ve noticed you over at jewelry lessons.com, then found you here on the internet by chance. Did a image search for wire wrap… Your work is amazing! You’ve put out a lot of very useful info here and on other sites. I would LOVE the tutorial for this wrap.

    • Hi Turtle,
      I started this wrap just before a move. I packed it away and then it took a loooooong time before I found it again. It is still unfinished at the moment … I will have to finish it up. If you are interested in getting the completed tutorial I will be happy to add your email to my tutorial notification list. Just send a request to be added to my tut list to tutorials @ DeliaStone.com. Remove the spaces, of course. 🙂 Thank you for the comment.

  3. Hi Delia, I have been searching and searching for a rainbow wrap tutorial and this looks like a really nice piece. Is the tutorial completed?

    • Hi Molly,
      This tutorial is only about halfway finished. But if you’re subscribed to my blog you will know when it’s ready. I will be sure to post an announcement. Thanks for your interest.

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