I am still working on the Rainbow Wrap tutorial but it’s likely going to come out later than I originally anticipated, unfortunately.   I am preparing to move, a bit unexpectedly.  My landlords have put us on notice that they will not be renewing our lease because they have family who wish to move to the area in October whom they wish to rent the house to.  While this does present a bit of a challenge for us, we planned to move into a house with more room for our growing family after the first of the year anyway.  This simply moves up our plan a bit, which is fine with us. 

    We’ve been looking around a bit and as funny as it seems, a house just across the street has become available which seems to fit our criteria and then some.  I’m really excited about the detached studio that comes with this house too.  It’s sort of attached … by a covered walk way, but it is separate from the house making it not only great for a jewelry studio, but perfect for a musical studio for my other half as well.  The yard is a bit smaller, so we won’t be gardening on the same scale as we do here, but that’s a fair trade for a studio.  At least I think so.  So much of my jewelry making tools have  remained boxed up over the past two years.  I have a very nice Little Torch rig that has not been touched, a double barrel lortone tumbler, tons of metalsmithing accessories, my po-womans fordom unit (okay, it’s a dremel with tons of fun attachments and a drill press) a little metal clay kiln I’ve NEVER used and more!  All going to waste!  There’s just no room and no space appropriate for it in this house.  I have my bench set up, but it tends to serve more as a desk because I can’t stock it with my supplies and accessories because it’s accessible to my year and a half old baby girl, who is still in the ‘must taste everything’ stage. 
     The studio has a refrigerator and a small bar in one corner of it too – it will be awesome to truly have an ADULT zone again where children aren’t always under foot and getting into your projects.  I’m imagining the beauty of leaving a half finished project on the bench as is and being able to come back to it later to pick up where I left off!  Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!  A studio space will be a welcomed change of pace indeed!  Oooohhh the things I could do! 
    While I’m not really over excited about having to move so unexpectedly I AM excited about the prospect of getting this new house complete with a studio.  And imagine all the gas we won’t burn in the move.  I admit, it will be a little odd just moving across the street (literally), but it would certainly have it’s advantages too.  Think of all the gas we won’t have to burn in the move – not to mention that we’ll be saving the rental fee for a moving truck.  We will no doubt be quite the spectacle in the neighborhood – shuttling furniture back and forth across the street.  I’m sure we’ll be the talk of the neighborhood coffee circles.  lol
     All of that aside, I had to take a break from the tedium of the new tutorial I’ve been working on and do something creative.  I decided to just play around in copper wire and I made several pairs of hammered and textured copper earrings embellished with various stones.  One pair has rose quartz, one carnelian and one lapis lazuli.  Just simple textured shapes, nothing fancy – but I was surprised that something so simple could look so appealing.  I’ll have to take some pictures of the earrings and post them later.  Just haven’t had the time lately for photography.  I’ll get to it though and get ’em up before the weekend is gone. 🙂


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