While I enjoy the challenge of doing very detailed work with intricate coiling and sculpting I also enjoy reaping the rewards of simplicity from time to time.  After working on the upcoming Rainbow Wrap tutorial I need a break from all of the coiling and weaving … it was time for something simple.  I also needed a creative fix void of the pressures of tutorial making.  I decided to play with my hammer and copper wire.

     Textured metal work has always appealed to me.  I even bought the tools to experiment with it a few years back (hurricane Ivan to be exact) and still I never really did much with it.  I decided now was the time …

After about thrity minutes of forming and hammering I had these two styles of simple earrings.  While I could appreciate the simplicity, they still needed dressing up to me.  They were just too lackluster.  I gave it some thought for a bit and then decided that a simple bead embellishment was the way to go.  To that end, I selected some 4mm facted carnelians and affixed them to the first pair of copper earrings.

You can really tell that these were the first ones I affixed the stones too.  One side is a bit messy.  From this pair I learned that I would prefer beads that were better rounded, so I searched my bead stash for some.  I found several varieties of perfect 4mm rounds that have not seen the light of day for some time.  I was glad that they were still there.  I made two pair of the smaller simple spiral earrings.  On the first ones I added lapis lazuli, which I really like against the copper.

On the second pair I added rose quartz.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the rose quartz with the copper, but as it turned out I did.

Overall, nothing grand, but I really liked the results.  Plus these are so easy to make that I can see myself creating some nice bread and butter items for my shows.  Something that I can price very reasonably that doesn’t take me a lot of time or material to produce but I can still net a decent profit on.  However, before I get too enthusiastic and make 25 pair of earrings or something, I think I’ll test them on the market first.


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