A Study of Vessels

   For some time I have been fascinated with the idea of vessels.  My friend and fellow jewelry maker, Connie Nabholz, has the most wonderful seed bead vessels which I have long admired.  I found myself wondering what I kind of vessels I might be able to create in wire work.  This was an intriguing thought and it has been  on my ‘to do’ list for probably 4 or 5 years – and I’ve only recently gotten around to taking the leap and trying my hand at it.

   I put off the idea of trying my hand at vessels for so long because it seemed like a very detailed, time consuming project that would take copious amounts of wire to produce – which comes to be quite an expense.   Only recently have I begun to utilize copper wire in my experiments to give myself more freedom to risk experimental projects without suffering such a financial loss.  Fortunately I had plenty of wire on hand when I ran into Mary Tuckers blog, The Angsty Artist.  There I found several vessels, all functional with locking lids and various adornments.   Mary does such beautiful work –  I was absolutely set on fire with inspiration and determination after viewing her vessels.  It too no time at all for me to decide that creating vessels must go from my ‘to do’ list to my ‘must do’ list. 

For my first project, to make it seem more doable and significantly reduce the amount of time invested and move more to the business of form and construction, I went for a bare wired look.  I focused on tying the stacks of coils together to create the vessel and to then create a lid that could be snapped closed to keep the contents from spilling out of it.  I followed Mary’s lead in this department and met with success.  While my first project was not perfect, I manged to meet all of my goals for a first try. Ultimately, I am pleased with my experiment.

Vessel #1

My initial experiment was a success and I found myself only further encouraged to experiment with vessels, which brought me to my second completed vessel.   On my second venture into vessels I decided that with a measure of confidence under my belt I would vow to invest more time.  Part of that investment came in the form of the weaving of the wire.  No bare bones wire in this attempt!  This weave is actually modeled after the Native American pine needle basketry work.  Coiling around a core with the occasional back stitch to tie one coiled coil into the last.  I also added a few faceted Bali silver stud embellishments on this vessel.  I wanted to really round the lid out on this one.  I am pleased with the results.

I have found my venture into vessels exciting and rewarding.  I know that this experimentation is going to take me to new places – some that I can’t even see from here.  I am enjoying the journey!


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