From Vessels to Beads

My wire work took me off down a little rabbit hole today. As many of you know I have been studying and experimenting with the idea of wire vessels. It seemed natural to me when I was holding the domed lid for vessel number two in my hand to want to finish it off as a bead. The lid looked like a half of a globe so it was easy to imagine it rounded out in the form of a bead. I was, therefore, compelled to create a wire bead today to satisfy that desire. 

This is my first wire bead and it’s a little less than perfect. I was going for a random look with the pearls again, hoping that this attempt at random studs would be more appealing to me than my last attempt on vessel number two, but really I think I was happier with the studs on the vessel than I am with the ones on my bead. Ahh well. There is plenty of time for experimentation and copper is abundant.  I will continue to play with it until I find the right feel that I’m going for. That aside I am pleased with my first attempt to create a wire bead and full of ideas on how to make the next one better!


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