Green Corn Pendant Tutorial by: Delia Stone

This lesson shows how to create a pendant using what I call the Green Corn stitch. The lesson begins with a simple two row stitch perfect for semi flat objects with a slight graduation in size (such as the claw pendant) and also covers more advanced variations of this stitch suitable to more rounded objects (such as the ivory colored coral pendant on the finished necklace).

 You will learn how to adapt this simple two row stitch to have four or more rows as you see fit. It includes problem solving tips such as what to do in the event that you run out of wire before completing your project.

Please note that in this tutorial I will walk you through making both objects in picture number four (the nearly crescent shaped wolfs tooth and the larger ivory colored coral). The technique illustrated on the crescent shaped wolfs tooth is executed exactly the same way for the claw pendant. I simply do not have another claw to use so I opted to illustrate with the wolfs tooth instead.

If you have any questions, please email me before purchasing the tutorial and I will be happy to respond a.s.a.p.

Price: $12.00

Materials Required:
              3′ of 26 gauge dead soft sterling silver round wire
  • 1 tooth/claw/other object. I am using a wolfs tooth that is approx 40mm x 15mm

Tool List:

  • Wire clippers
  • Round nose pliers

Find this tutorial on my website:


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