Free Wire Bead Tutorial by Delia Stone

     Well!  my infatuation with vessels has led me to a fascination with wire beads.  I have enjoyed playing with wire beads so much that I’m having a hard time putting it aside to work on some much needed tutorials.    Finally I decided that if I were going to get any new tuts done that I would need to combine my new addiction with my need to write a tut and that I might just accomplish something!  With that said I have begun the creation of a wire bead tutorial.  I am about half way through with it presently and it should be released soon.


     Now for the really good news!  I have decided to use the tutorial as a promotion for my blog and website – which means that I will be GIVING THE WIRE BEAD TUTORIAL AWAY FOR FREE!   At least for a limited time …  you’ll have to be paying attention to my blog on a daily basis to catch it.  No big deal, just check in once a day and on one of those days you will find it there staring you in the face!  When you do find it, one of the requirements will be that you share it with a friend or friends.  It’s okay to post it in forums, on your facebook, myspace, send a link via email to a buddy, etc.  Just as long as you share my blog with others, I will gladly share the technique for making your own wire beads with you! 

     There will only be a short window to aquire the tutorial for free, so don’t miss it!    Keep an eye out on my blog for this great give away! 

Thanks for watching!


3 thoughts on “Free Wire Bead Tutorial by Delia Stone

  1. Okey dokey, my brain must still be asleep, because I can’t find this tutorial to save my life, free or otherwise. Can you please point me to the link?

    • It was only available for free for a limited time on my blog. I am currently editing it and adding to it to create a paid tutorial for my website. Subscribers to my blog get the occasional freebie benefit. If you subscribe you will too. 🙂 I will put out a notice when the tut is available again.

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