Vessel Fever: The Viking Vessel.

I am calling it the Viking Vessel because this little treasure was created with creative use of the Viking knit.  That said, however, it does contain some lace making stitches as well.  I used the Viking knit on the sides the neck and the fluted mouth of the tiny vase, but I used a needlelace stitch on the base and on the rounded top.  I integrated pearls into the neck piece to add some elegance.   Finally, I struggled with whether to oxidize or not, but if you know me you know that is a hard thing to resist as I almost feel that no piece is complete until it’s had a LOS patina added – so great is my addiction to the oxidized/antiqued look in wire work!   So… I decided that I would oxidize but I would take a couple of pics before as well.

 I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of this – especially given that it was my first experiment in attempting to use these techniques to create vessels.  Since I began my experiment with vessels I have found myself more and more attracted to the idea of exploring wire sculpture.  My head is swimming with ideas!  I am going to create more of these and add some items of interest in the cage.  My other half and one of my jewelry buddies (Jennifer of Wrapsody Jewlery) suggested a bird as this vessel make them think of an old antique bird cage.  I think it would be lovely with some seashells inside… perhaps a nice nautilus style spiral shell of some kind? 

The first two pics are before I oxidized it.


2 thoughts on “Vessel Fever: The Viking Vessel.

  1. It’s so amazing and lovely Delia. I love seeing how the extra pictures here, and seeing it in your hand is very cool.

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