Awards for the Fall Season

     I am happy to report that I was the fortunate recipient of a couple of awards from fall shows.  At Williams Station Day in Atmore, Alabama I won an Award of Merit in the fine arts cagegory for the work in my exhibition:

     And I am very pleased to announce that my beloved Marth-ra pendant, Winged Thing number three, is now an award winning piece!  She won an Award of Excellence at the prestigous Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival.  This was a huge thrill as the competition there is always stiff.   There are so many talented artist at this show I am sure that deciding who gets an award is a challenge for the judges.  I feel blessed to have been among those honored.

      In total I won three awards this year.  I am greatful for the encouragement this brings me.   It makes me want to move forward with my experimentation and continue to create more advanced peices.  I cannot wait to see what next year will bring.


10 thoughts on “Awards for the Fall Season

  1. Congratulations, not that I’m the least bit surprised. I see you also made it into the store you were waiting to hear from. I’m so looking forward to what you come up with next .

  2. Thanks Doreen. 🙂 And yup! I am in Blue Morning Gallery now. It’s official. Gallery Night is this coming Friday so that will be my first big event in the new gallery. 🙂 I’m excited and looking forward to it.

    I was just saying to Jay today that I needed to get up with you about some workshops. I am not planning any official workshops for the rest of the month but you and I could get together. Drop me a line and let me know what lessons you’re interested in and we’ll work something out.

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