Black Friday Creative Retreat …

I hope that everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as me and mine had.   The in-laws went to Breckenridge for the holiday and so we opted for a nice quiet family Thanksgiving at home.  We really had a great time.  Jay set the mood with music and holiday scented candles and we worked together as a family to make dinner.  Nonnie enjoyed helping with the green bean casserole and shucking corn.  She is such a good helper.  I will enjoy that while it lasts. 🙂

We sipped on spiked cider, sang holiday songs, and  had some wholesome quality time together as a family.  There was a feeling of love and peace in the air all day.   It was a Thanksgiving that I think I will always be thankful for.  Let there be no doubt what I am most thankful for in my life …

Dakota, Nonnie and Hailey. 🙂  They are the three greatest treasures I have ever known in my life.

I braved the traffic on Black Friday to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  It was stressful of course, but I returned home safely and retreated to the comfort of the studio.  While I sawed and filed on the product of my first etched metal experiments (quite fun, btw) Jay was researching the various ways that people around the world celebrate Christmas, or the likeness thereof.   Here are some pics of my metal etchings, along with a cup of spirited cider in the background.  Yum!  I decided to make a test sheet with random stuff on it and my sheet metal wasn’t big enough to make full cuffs, so I made half cuffs.  I have the basic ‘eveyone’s gotta try it’ spiral pattern, a grove of trees and a piece that I was trying to make look somewhat modernized – but my kids insist that it looks like a building because the squares make them think of windows.   You’ll also notice that I was playing around with the idea of creating signature tags to include on pieces that I would like to sign.  The idea is worth some merit and I will continue to experiment with it.

My charming other half made us some MORE hot spiced cider with a little MORE  bourbon.  Gotta love him! 🙂  We then broke out the Christmas Tree and had fun decorating the tree.  This is the first Christmas tree that Hailey has really ‘been aware’ of and of course her first priority was to taste test the ornaments. 

After the fun of decorating the tree was over everyone went off into their little corners to do their own thing.  The girls went to play with their dolls, Dakota went to the game room to play video games, Jay broke out his favorite computer games and I returned to the studio to drill my etched pieces to make bracelets out of them. I decided to make them half cuffs with wire and bead backs with the simplest of clasps.  Nothing too fancy, but a lot of fun to make.  While I was taking photos of the etched metal, I got some photos of  some other bracelets I made recently.

All in all it was a good holiday weekend.


13 thoughts on “Black Friday Creative Retreat …

  1. Delia…..oh my….your new pieces are just sensational….and that cross cuff….TDF….I was too chicken to brave the Black Friday mall crowds….we saw a movie (hornets’ nest) across the street from the mall and the parking lot was packed…guerilla warfare with cars. Today my husband went to guitar center hunting for a case for one of his guitars…success!…then we went to a bargain shop…and got a great buy on a winter coat for one of my boys…$280 on sale for $49.99…unbelievable! Your family looks like they had a blast with the holiday weekend…you have lots of little helpers! Opps….no spiked cider this weekend…will make up for that though in the coming weeks! ♥

    • Sue,
      The metal etching was really fun. I wish that I had actually taken a little more care in drawing the trees. I am still pretty happy with how that bracelet turned out though, sloppy as the sketch was. 🙂 My experimentation has certainly made me think about the design possibilities with metal etching. More of this to come for sure!
      And yeah, the black Friday thing can be hairy. And what a score on that coat! Wow-za! That’s what makes black Friday worth braving! I can’t say I made any major scores like that, but I got a few good deals myself. 🙂 And the cider … it’s almost like medicine for the holiday season. I swear, I think it did for me what xanax does for millions every day. lol I just felt so calm and relaxed. I’m really not much of a drinker, but this cider was just right. I think having this stuff around will become a tradition. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a terrific holiday making memorys. Your work is incredible as usual. I LOVE METAL WORK. Looks like you’ve been doing it for years. The holidays are really sooo much more fun with kids. Yours are gorgeous. I’m sure you guys will have a great Christmas.

  3. Doreen,
    It really was a great day. I hope yours was as nice as well.

    Thanks for the comment on the metal work. Have you tried metal etching? I’m thinking that I want to do a workshop on this sometime. It’ll be fun! I’m going to do a few workshops in December if it kills me. Just have to figure out the what and when. 🙂

  4. Delia, What beautiful photos and description of a wonderful Holiday. I love your new bracelets. The metal etching is intriguing. Is it difficult to do? Great work! It is exciting and stimulating to see your new pieces. Cider is a treat for all of the senses. Happy you enjoyed some!

    • Thank you Christine. And no, metal etching isn’t hard at all. I think the hardest part was just waiting for the etching to finish! Admittedly I was a bit over eager. 🙂 I used the PCB etch from Radio Shack for this project. It said it would take 20 mins, but I wasn’t happy with the depth of the etch after that so I threw it back in for another 20 minutes, which was perfect in the end. I think I am going to make some home made etch … it’s said to be quicker and longer lasting. I’ll be sure to share a post about it when I do.

    • Christine,
      Yes, and I’m happy to share. It’s one part Muratic acid to two parts hydrogen peroxide. You can find muratic acid at the hardware store in the section where they sell pool cleaning supplies. Muratic acid is often used to clean concrete with. And of course the hydrogen peroxide is the same kind that you have in the medicine cabinet. I am not sure if this works on all metals but I am cetain that it works on copper. If you try it, post back and tell us how you liked it. 🙂

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