Recent Comission … Show and Tell

Here are a few recent comissions for some lucky ladies comissioned by thier wise and loving husbands!

First, a simple pair of earrings to Match my Mermaids Tale Necklace.  Husband number one bought the necklace and custom ordered the earrings.

Husband number two custom ordered the following set.  He picked out the stones for this piece and practically designed it himself.  He knows his lady and knows what she likes. What a lucky girl!

And finally, husband number three hunted me down over the internet to make this order.  His wife bought a pair of earrings from me a year or more ago.  He said that they were her favorite pair and that they looked so lovely against her pale skin.  Obviously a man who is head over heels for his love! 🙂  He said she had lost one and was very disappointed … so he reordered her earrings and ordered a necklace to match them.  I failed to photograph the finished earrings, (but if you’re interested you can see the picture of my Mosaic Eye Earrings tutorial) but I got a few good pictures of the necklace.


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