WIP: Etched Metal Process

Today I thought I would share a Work In Progress with you. Back around Thanksgiving I did my first ever metal etching experiments. A lot of inspiration was born of those experiements, but with the holiday season upon me I had to set it aside for a time. Now, with Christmas behind us, it seemed like a good time to continue with the momentum of those Thanksgiving experiments and make some new projects.

I decided to make my theme Solitude to honor the beauty of that mysterious voice that resonates within all of us in quiet, comptemplative moments. These earrings were born from a spontaneous meditation on the beauty of solitude. Solitude is not like lonliness at all … solutide is to lonliness what a Mercedes Benz is to a beat up old volkswagon. Solitude is a glass of full bodied red wine paired with classical music on a warm summer night. It’s standing on the rivers edge listening to the insects buzz, the water flowing and the wind in the canopy of trees above you. It’s watching the sun rise in the middle of the forest. Solitude is beautiful … and it’s usually only in these quiet moments that we can truly get to know ourselves. It’s being able to enjoy your own company. To that end I did a few quick sketches with my resist pens on this piece of copper sheet.

I threw it in a ferric chloride bath for about 40 minutes. The etching process seemed to be much slower this time than it was back in November. I keep my container out in my laundry room when I’m etching and it was pretty cold in that room. The temperature may have had an effect on the time it took to etch. I pulled the copper design plate out, scrubbed off the resist pen with green scrubby pads and then antiqued the metal with LOS and rubbed it out with 0000 grade steel wool to highlight the raised design. This is what the final design plate looked like.

I then cut out, filed and sanded all of the individual pieces on the design plate.

I took the four matching pieces from the plate to make two pair of earrings. I pierced each end of the piece and added handmade ear wires to the top and chrysophase and rainbow moonstone briolettes on the bottom. They are available in my etsy store. I really like the way they turned out.

I still haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with the old man under the wisdom tree, but I will be sure to post to share him when he’s done.

Stay tuned to see the fate of ‘Old Man Under the Wisdom Tree’. 🙂


4 thoughts on “WIP: Etched Metal Process

  1. Delia, Thank you for sharing your process. It is exciting to see from start to the beautiful finish. The depth etching gives a piece is incredible. This process is on my :to learn list for 2011. Thanks for sharing and for inspiring!

  2. Christine,
    I am happy to share. That’s part of the fun for me. 🙂 I will be posting a mini tut on how to etch on my blog soon that might come in handy when you’re ready to dive into metal etching.

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂 It’s always reassuring to know that someone else is actually reading my blog and that I’m not just typing for my own benefit. lol

  3. Needless to say read it all the time. Along with your many talents writing is certainly one of them. Solitude: Standing or sitting on the beach all alone (love this time of year) waves crashing on the shore. Yea God!!!!

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