Making Gemstone Soaps

I have something different to kick off the New Year with today. A fantastic free tutorial on making gemstone soaps. While I am not a soap maker I found myself drawn in with great interest as I read this article by Bonnie Bartley of and this moved me to share it with you. I really enjoyed seeing the process for making these fantastic soaps. According to Bonnie, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Have a look at Bonnie’s beautiful gemstone soaps and use her free tutorial to make your own.

Guest author Bonnie Bartley on Soap Making:
Hello friends,
I often do demonstrations at soap making conferences. One of the most popular classes is for making my gemstone soap rocks. Today’s blog post is drawn from the handout notes that I offer to soap makers who attend my presentations. Through the years, I have emailed these notes over 700 times to soapers who have requested them. Today I share them with you

Yes, these are truly easy to make. Even my very first attempts came out great, yours will, too. Here’s how!

To read more and see Bonnie’s free step by step tutorial, click here: Soap Rock Tutorial


2 thoughts on “Making Gemstone Soaps

  1. Sue, they really are awesome. It’s a whole new take on soap-stone. I loved all of the pictures of the different rock soaps in her tut. I have to say that her soaps are very reasonably priced too. I wish I had checked out her store before Christmas! I’m keeping her in mind for other gift giving occasions though as I know quite a lot of people who would love her soaps too. The problem is it’s so pretty you’d hate to just use it up. LOL

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