Finally! The Necklace is Complete

I am sooooo happy to have completed this piece at last! I do not think I have ever agonized so much over finishing the clasp of any piece before as I have this one. I settled on an adjustable toggle with lace work embellishments and a few Colorado topaz crystal stitched in for a little bling. It can be worn in five different lengths; 15″, 15 3/4″, 17″, 17 3/4″ and 19″. It will compliment any neckline in Elizabeth’s wardrobe. Elizabeth is one lucky lady if I do say so myself! This is one of my masterpieces, IMHO (yeah, real humble, eh? lol). I am so proud to add this to my portfolio.

And a detail of the clasp (click to enlarge)

If this necklace wasn’t spoken for I would have kept it in my private collection. I shall hate to see it go so soon …. :::sigh::: I will be getting some better pictures before it’s gone!


7 thoughts on “Finally! The Necklace is Complete

  1. Delia, This neclace is gorgeous! I understand why it will be hard to let it go. Your netting is precise and beautiful. The way you added all of the rings for the toggle makes it such a versatile piece. Great work!

  2. Delia……i think you finished this beautiful piece off perfectly…..and made it adjustable at various lengths….i didn’t expect that but love the versatility. I’m sure parting with this piece will be difficult…..but you can revive in a different variation for your private collection. Quite a stunningly, organic beautiful piece! Sue♥

    • Thanks Sue,
      It feels really good on to. I had to give it a test drive to make sure there were no scratchy spots …. it was sooo hard to take it back off. I love the feel of it. 🙂 :::sigh::: Yes, I’ll have to make something similar for myself me thinks! It will dull the pain of parting with it . lol

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