YOJ Wk 4: Fading Autumn Earrings

I made several things this week and had a hard time deciding what to use for my YOJ weekly entry. Ultimately I decided on the thing I liked the most – these earrings. They are made with beautiful red creek jasper and goldfill wire on post earrings. I love the colors in these stones. If these beauties don’t sell quickly I will be tempted to snatch them up for myself!

Throughout the week I created many pieces. Many were rushed straight off to Blue Morning Gallery for Pensacola’s Gallery Night and never got photograped. I did, however, snap a few quick pictures of a couple of them before they were wisked away.

First, a border wrapped Ammonite fossil pendant in goldfill on a high quality 4mm dark brown leather cord.

And finally, something wild! I know this piece would have best suited the ‘wild and wicked’ theme for the week better, but I really wanted to show those colorful earrings off in the YOJ journal. This piece is actually not a tooth despite appearances. It is a piece of polished tigers coral. Tiger coral is generally banded with brown rings but this piece was tumbled until the surface was totally smooth and the bands were buffed away in the process. I captured the focal piece in my signature Green Corn Stitch (for tutorial, click HERE) The result is that it looks like a large enamel tooth – and makes for an interesting necklace.


3 thoughts on “YOJ Wk 4: Fading Autumn Earrings

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    • Thanks Sue. These tiger coral pieces are really popular with my male customers. I made one for my other half and he wears it all the time. He managed to convince some of the students in one of his anthropology classes that it’s a gorilla tooth. lol

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