Braided Wire Rings

My passion for experimenting with new techniques as a means of furthering my skills has led me to the world of wire braiding. I have always admired the wire braid work of other jewellers but have never ventured into it before as I imagined it to be a rather tedious task. I have to say, it’s not so bad. I gave it a try today for the first time – all thanks to a desire to play with my new bench vise.

To try my hand at wire braiding I opted for a small project. I did a six wire braid with 20 gauge copper wire. After braiding a length of about six inches I trimmed the ends and shaped two rings on the ring mandrel … and then dusted off my soldering skills at the bench and went for it.

I used a type of solder that is new to me, made specifically for joining copper, which contains copper. It’s always nicer to have it joined in a color of solder that already matches your copper wire than to have to electroplate the sliver colored copper later on to match. It worked great on the first band …. but not so well on the second band. I think that as I was beading my solder wire snip it joined with a stray piece of silver wire solder which resulted in a visible seam. To hide this I just put a wire rosette on the joint. I may very well redo my rosette later but I am happy enough with it as a successful experiment for the moment.

Now … am I brave enough to break out the silver? We shall see…


20 thoughts on “Braided Wire Rings

  1. Delia, These are adorable rings. You did a great job with your braiding and your soldering skills arer impressive! The rosette adds interest and one would never know it was hiding a seam! I say go for the silver. Looking forward to seeing your next experiment.

    • Thanks Christine. The first ring turned out great. The seam is hardly even noticable, but that second one was far from invisible. Honestly, my soldering skills could use a refresher. I have hardly touched my torch in eight years. What a shame, eh? Oh well, practice makes perfect as they say, so I’ll just keep on practicing!

  2. They are wonderful! I would love to learn how to do that. I would also love to be in your warm climate! Both look great!

  3. Thanks Laura. I am pretty pleased with myself. I am also seriously thinking about pulling out my sterling silver and giving it a go …. oh how I wish I had some fine silver to play with!

    While we’re all complaining about the cold here I bet 50 degree weather still seems pretty tropical to the northern half of the nation right now. Wishing you warmer days soon!

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    • Hi Anne,
      Found this a bit late, my apologies. You can indeed use 22 gauge wire. It will make a more delicate looking weave but it will be more than durable. Have fun!

  5. I know this post is old, but I was just wondering where you found how to do this, and the silver ring. I am getting into wire rings, but none are as complex tutorials as this ring. Much appreciated!

    • I don’t recall where I found it. It was a long time ago and I’ve tried find the instructions again myself to no avail. If I find them I’ll try to come back and post. In the back of my mind I keep thinking it was under a name like whimsy wire or something like that. I know that’s not much help but I mention it in case it helps to put you on the trail.

  6. The rings look great, I have been playing with the idea of weaving a copper ring as a temporary engagement ring, as a surprise until we can pick a wedding set. I work with copper wire everyday as a Master electrician and thought a handmade ring like that would be a nice touch. I had planned to use #12 for my ring and a 3 strand braid, I have a good amount of old know and tube wire that has a great patina from age, but your 6 strand is gorgeous and makes me wonder about using smaller wire and trying for that pattern.

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