Spring is coming ….

The gallery recently asked all of the 2D artist to change thier tagging system to add more information. The tag had to be large enough to include my full name, my inventory code, the materials, the price and the ring size. I was just getting ready to put some rings in the gallery and found myself thinking that this was going to be problematic for me. I could not imagine how I could add a tag big enough for all of THAT to a ring without it looking … just … tacky. I had to put some thought into it and I am glad to say that in the end I manged to find a soloution that made for a charming presentation. Beautiful little leaf tags! Click on the pictures to get a detailed view.

All of the required information fits perfectly on the back side of the leaf. Customers can still try on the ring without having to worry about tearing the tag because it is quality cardstock. I just love the look of the leaf tags … and now I’m changing all of my other tags out to match – even changing my earring cards out to match!


9 thoughts on “Spring is coming ….

    • Hi Trisha πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by my blog. I was happy to see you here. I’m a jewelry junkie – always making the stuff, so if you stick around then you’re guaranteed to see more.

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