YOJ Wk 7: Gods and Goddesses Freya

     Well I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in myself this past week.  I have been looking forward to the Freya theme for weeks but when it arrived I just could not wrap my mind around it.  My Muse has been MIA for the past week.  Don’t get me wrong , I’ve made plenty of stuff, but really just on auto pilot if you know what I mean.  I haven’t created anything that really excited me … and worse yet I bombed on the one theme I was so excited about.  I made no lovely tributes to Freya. 
     I can share some of the pretties that I did create this week, however, which for someone who was feeling uninspired was pretty productive I think.  You decide.

I made several herringbone bracelets.  I always enjoy making herringbone bracelets.  It’s like a meditation for me.  I have made so many of them I don’t have to even think about it anymore.  My hands stay busy and my mind wanders off into alpha land.  It’s a nice place to be.  🙂

 I have also been enjoying creating this style of textured circle drop earrings lately.  I’ve been trying to create some simple items, such as earrings, that I can wholesale to galleries and boutiques.  These were the first ones I came up with.  I put some of these in the gallery here in Pensacola and they began to move immediately.  I am working to create them in several colors of Swarovski.  This week I added this black pair to the batch.

I also made a sterling silver and garnet filigree cross necklace and added it to a delicate 16 inch chain.  This looks great in person thanks to the LOS patina I added.  I really like the way this turned out


I also decided to create a cuff-lett to compliment my Solitude Earrings.  I really love this series and plan to make it available for wholesale too.  If you’re just tuning in and you’d like to know why I love this series so much click HERE.  It will tell you a little bit about the meditation that the design came from.

     This cuff bracelet looks really good in hand.  The pictures just really don’t do it justice.

     And last but not least… well, I haven’t made one of these in ages and apparently I’ve gotten a lot better at it!  This fibula eye glass holder turned out to be so lovely.  Very elegant.  You just pin it to your jacket, lapel or blouse and when you are not using your reading glasses just slide the arm through the little loop and you will never have to run to fetch your glasses in the other room again.  You will always have them on you – literally!  This is a wonderful re-discovery for me as I am, for the first time in my life, finding myself dependant on reading glasses for small print and fine details in my jewelry.

    In addition I also created more earrings but haven’t yet made ear wires for them and it seemed a waste of energy to photograph them without the wires … so I’ll save those for my next post. 🙂  Thanks for being a loyal reader.


7 thoughts on “YOJ Wk 7: Gods and Goddesses Freya

  1. Delia….the new earrings are great in black….and i love the bracelets….especially the cat face one…i need one like that! The eyeglass holder is a good idea….something different and out of the ordinary. Muse’s must go on unannounced vacations(get a group rate or something)….but it know it’s hard to be creative on demand…you made what inspired you…don’t be too hard on yourself…you were very productive and i love the results. Can you get anymore kitty faces? ♥Sue

    • Thanks for the kind words Sue. 🙂 That flighty little Muse of mine has a will of her own. Right now I think it is her will to be sipping Bushwackers out on the beach. She could have taken me with her at the very least! Selfish thing! lol And yes, the kittys are available at Fire Mountain – that is to say I think. I got these by mistake many years back (about 8) in an order they sent me and have held on to them this long. I really like the way they look paired with the coral in these herringbone bracelets too. I sure hope they still stock them ’cause I’d like to get a few more too. 🙂

  2. I would have expected you to jump on the Freya theme also Delia. I’m suffering the same as you right now, I have tons of ideas but very little excitement about any of them:)

    • Mary, does your Muse vacation in Florida too? I suspect that she might be working on her tan with my naughty little muse on the beach right now. :::sigh::: but seriously, it is always good to be reminded at times of ‘low tide’ as it were, that we are not alone. I hope that our Muses return soon. I am really very disappointed that I did NOTHING worthy of the Freya theme. I held out until the last minute thinking that maybe inspiration would strike. Ah well, I hardly ever follow themes so maybe when my muse returns I can make something worthy of a tribute to the devine feminine and enter it on a different week?

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  4. Mabel decided to take a little trip back to our place and give me some ideas. I know I can’t grab her by the arm, though. Muses come and go at their own will.
    Yours will be back, Delia, and in the meantime you created some beautiful pieces!

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