More Fun with Metal Etching

   I have really enjoyed my experiments in metal etching over the last few months.   My etched earrings have proven to be very popular and as a result I’ve been making a lot of them.  Here are a few from my latest batch.

   The Sedona Sunrise are my favorite pair from the whole batch.  A tall cactus, icon of the Wild West, stands against the long Arizona sky complete with a radiant sun.  Juicy cactus green Swarovskis dangle on either side of a blazing orange carnelian briolette making for a beautiful punch of color!  Sweet, simple and simply sensational!  I particularly liked the multiple dangles on this pair.  You can expect to see many more etched earrings with multiple dangles in the near future.

   The trio of hearts has been a very successful design.  I literally cannot keep them  in stock.  I went to put two more pair in the gallery today and one pair sold before they were even on display.  I must make more of these for the upcoming show if I can find the time before the weekend.

   I finally threw a little brass into this batch to see how well it would etch.  I liked it enough that there will be many more brass etchings to come.  I took these to the gallery to put them in today and they sold before ever making it to the display counter as well.  Jean, my fellow artist who purchased the earrings, described these as ‘both bohemian and prissy at the same time.’  I actually really liked that description. 🙂

   And my last pair to post for the night is another multi-dangle pair.  Spirals with a trio of pearls on each!

    These pictures show only four out of about a dozen pair that I made the other day.  There were many others that I did not find time to photograph.  I put them all in the gallery today in hopes of catching a few good sales on Friday night during our Pensacola Gallery Night, March 11th, 2011.  You can also find them at the Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts show this weekend on highway 98 in Gulf Breeze, FL.  I will be in booth number 123.  I hope to see some friendly local faces there … perhaps even your own?


2 thoughts on “More Fun with Metal Etching

    • Thanks Angie! 🙂 I am really having a lot of fun with the etching and these earrings and I like that I can make them in batches of a dozen at a time. I just can’t get enough of them … and I’ll be making me a pair of those Sedona Sunrise earrings to keep! 🙂

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