Metal Etching in Jewlery Workshop March 18th 2011 in Pensacola, FL

Because of the nature of this workshop, many supplies will be included in the cost of the workshop.  All you will need to bring with you is your imagination and basic wire wrap tools (round nose, flush cutters, needle nose) if you have them.   Tools will be available on loan if you do not have them.  If you wish to add beads to your project you are responsible for providing them.

Because materials must be ordered in advance for this project preregistration is required and seats will be limited.  Please R.S.V.P. with your name and contact phone number to or The Bead and Crystal House at 850-432-3400.

Please note that it is recommended that you wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind if they were soiled beyond repair.  This etchant can cause rust like stains on matieral that will not come out.  While this is not likely to happen if participants are careful, it is possible that accidents might happen and by participating in this workshop you assume all responsibility for any accidents. Delia Stone and the Bead and Crystal House are not liable for any personal injury or ruin of material items.

Tools required: Round nose pliers, needle nose pliers  and clippers.  All materials provided for etching process.  If you choose to use beads in the process of converting your etchings to jewlery you will need to provide them yourself.  A variety of beads are available for purchase on location.

Student Requirements:  This project is suitable for beginners.  No experience necessary.

Learn to etch copper sheet metal to create your own unique designs.  In this workshop you will create a pendant and matching earring set or your own half cuff bracelet as shown.  The design is up to you!  Delia will teach you how to add your design using a resist, etch and then finish a completed piece of jewelry using this fun and easy technique.  This technique is suited to a beginner!



3 thoughts on “Metal Etching in Jewlery Workshop March 18th 2011 in Pensacola, FL

  1. Thank you, Delia! I loved the workshop – you’re a fantastic teacher. I especially appreciated that you allowed us to use our own creativity in our pieces. What a great time we all had. Looking forward to your future events.

    • Pam,
      I am glad you enjoyed the workshop. I had a great time myself. We had such a good group!

      I enjoy seeing what comes out of each person in the way of design. I really liked your trees. I am a tree lover … part of my inner ‘bohemian’ shining through. lol In fact trees were involved in my very first etching experiment too as a matter of fact. 🙂 And I never get tired of playing with the etching. There will be more etching adventures on the horizon for me! 🙂 With stamps, iron on transfers, etc.

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